Top 10 Authors in Finance for June, 2016

The Top 10 Authors in Finance from June, 2016

The Top 10 Financial Bloggers and Journalists listed below were scored based on a simple formula: Knowledge x Traffic = Influence. In a typical month, we consider over 1400 articles for our analysis.

Most Bullish

Most Bearish

Hottest Topics in June

Gaurav S. Iyer on Stock Market
and Elon Musk.

Ben Martin on FTSE 100 Index
and Stock Market.

Fredrik Arnold on Dow Jones Industrial Average
and Dividend Yield.

Bader Al Hussain on Dividend Yield
and P/E Ratio.

Ben Levisohn on Central Bank
and Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Top 10 Bloggers and Journalists

1. Fredrik Arnold score: 6
2. Gaurav S. Iyer score: 6
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3. Ted Dixon score: 6
4. Ben Levisohn score: 5.45
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5. Bader Al Hussain score: 5
6. Royston Wild – Friday score: 4
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7. Marry Johnson score: 3.33
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8. Ian McGugan score: 3
9. Seth Golden score: 3
10. Stephan Byrd score: 3

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