Top 10 Authors in Finance for September, 2016

The Top 10 Authors in Finance from September, 2016

The Top 10 Financial Bloggers and Journalists listed below were scored based on a simple formula: Knowledge x Traffic = Influence. In a typical month, we consider over 1400 articles for our analysis.

Most Bullish

Most Bearish

Hottest Topics in September

Lindsey Winhoffer on Vice President
and Coverage.

Tim Cave on Stock Market
and Stock Exchange.

Josh Allsopp on Initial Public Offering
and Security.

Pete Parker on Financial Ratios
and Revenue.

Patrick Brik BAS on Stock Market
and Investment.

Top 10 Bloggers and Journalists

1. Lindsey Winhoffer score: 4
2. Pete Parker score: 3
Google News
3. Tony Sherman score: 2
4. Nicole Kennedy score: 2
5. Abby Graham score: 2
6. Rita Trichur score: 2
News for S&P/TSX Composite index – Google Finance
7. Josh Allsopp score: 2
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8. Patrick Brik BAS score: 1.5
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9. Tim Cave score: 1.5
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10. Peter F. Way score: 1

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