Top 10 Authors in Finance for November, 2016

The Top 10 Authors in Finance from November, 2016

The Top 10 Financial Bloggers and Journalists listed below were scored based on a simple formula: Knowledge x Traffic = Influence. In a typical month, we consider over 1400 articles for our analysis.

Most Bullish

Most Bearish

Hottest Topics in November

Nikhil Gupta on Option
and Call Option.

Don March on P/E Ratio
and Dividend Yield.

Steve Watson on Stock Market
and Technical Analysis.

Donnie Miller on Real Estate Investment Trust
and P/E Ratio.

Detroit Bear on Dividend
and Stock Market.

Top 10 Bloggers and Journalists

1. Don March score: 30.33
2. Steve Watson score: 15
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3. Donnie Miller score: 7
4. Gregory Miller score: 6.67
5. Renee Jackson score: 6
News and Analysis
6. Anthony Brett score: 6
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7. Nikhil Gupta score: 6
8. Detroit Bear score: 5
9. Jessica Moore score: 5
News and Analysis
10. Harvey Jones – Saturday score: 5
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