Accelerated Learning Plan

The Psychology of Successful Investors: Accelerated Learning Plan


1 Free Online Assessment

This 20-minute dynamic assessment identifies how you are currently making decisions about money. It then provides suggestions for how to improve, so that you can make effective use of time as you learn how to make better ones.

Mastery of Finance
Learning System

1:   Use this free assessment to master the psychology of financial decision-making.
2:   Use the Electronic Professor to learn investment decision-making in a real-world context, and to develop your vocabulary.
3:   Use the Mastery of Finance Assessment to fast-track learning the stock market concepts most frequently used by investors.
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2 Personalized Learning Plan

Instant Value! Assessments are processed on the spot, and your free personalized learning plan is delivered immediately, including:

  • Where your knowledge of investor psychology can be improved, with links to expert videos to help you master it for free.
  • Your assessment history, so that you can see how fast your knowledge is improving.
  • How scores are distributed, to give you a realistic sense of where you stand.

Stop Making Financial Mistakes

Your free learning plan will help you to identify solutions for the heuristics and biases that are causing you, personally, to make mistakes.

Performance Report for April, 2011

3 Smarter Decision-Making

Your free personalized learning plan will be displayed immediately as well as delivered by email.

How Does It Work?

This assessment checks if important concepts are mentally available to you – using different combinations of questions each time it gets taken. Assessments have 20 multiple-choice questions. Watch the videos in your Personalized Learning Plan, then use the assessment again to measure your improvement. High-scoring students are awarded invitations to the Mastery Club.

*You can also take the 11-week advanced course by email.