Mastery of Finance: Accelerated Learning Plan

Mastery of Finance: Accelerated Learning Plan


Accelerated Learning Plan

Find out what you don’t know, and then save time by reading only those pages on Wikipedia.*

Leverage Feedback to Learn Faster:

Step 1:   Take the exam to see where you can improve your knowledge.
Step 2:   Read the Wikipedia Pages it recommends.*
Step 3:   Repeat steps 1 and 2 until it stops recommending pages.

Measure Your Learning Progress

This exam takes a statistical sample of your knowledge about stock market investing, and then links you to information that fills in the gaps.

Because questions are selected randomly from a large pool, the exam is different every time you take it. This way, you are being assessed for your understanding of the important concepts.


The Textbook Is Free

Since all course materials are found on Wikipedia, they are 100% free. All exam-challengers are encouraged to support the Wikimedia Foundation.

Valuable Feedback

There are 100 multiple-choice questions, and you have 90 minutes to complete the exam. Upon submission, it will be processed immediately and the following feedback provided:

  • Where your knowledge of Stock Market Investing can be improved, with links to Wikipedia articles to help you master it.
  • Your Grade, right away and by email.
  • Your exam history, so that you can see how fast your knowledge is improving.
  • How scores are distributed, to give you a realistic sense of where you stand.

This simplifies the learning process, and doesn’t waste time on information you already know.

Performance Report for April, 2011

You Have A Year to Pass

The Accelerated Learning Plan turns studying into a game by challenging you to learn quickly. Take the exam as often as you like, for up to one year.

One-Time Registration Fee

Once your registration is complete, you will be sent a unique link to the exam by email. Any time you wish to take it, simply clink on your link.

Currently Beta-Testing

At this time, we are testing the exam to ensure quality and detail. Once it meets our high standards, it will be made available.

Certification for Registered Authors

If you score 90% or better and are registered in the Professional Directory, your status will be upgraded to “Certified Expert in Finance”.

*A personalized reading list is immediately sent for your records. It provides links to all the information you missed.
The topics covered by this exam are also found in our weekly publication, Focus on Investing.