Electronic Professor – Jump In Anytime Program

Electronic Professor: Jump In Anytime Program

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Financial Education

Identify and learn the Key Financial Concepts that successful investors leverage to their advantage.

Master Essential Knowledge

These two weekly publications cover key financial concepts related to stock market investing:

  • Focus on Investing: Mondays
    The vocabulary and concepts of stock market investing, how they get used in the media, and how paid researchers use them. Master the language of investing.
  • Bulls and Bears Review: Tuesdays
    Investor sentiment, measured. The current outlooks and opinions of Financial Bloggers and Journalists. What’s hot and what’s not.

Take the Drivers Seat

Start any time, and learn at your convenience. The Student Success Guide explains how to leverage this Jump-In-Anytime Program. You will receive it shortly after completing your registration.


Decision-Making, Evaluated

Some decision-rules are better than others for stock market investing. But which ones?

Learn from Actual Decisions

Follow our computational Investment Algorithm as it tests decision-rules for their profitability and adapts how it makes choices accordingly:

  • Watch List Report: Thursdays
  • Portfolio Report: Fridays

Challenge Yourself

Can you outperform Artificial Intelligence?
Our Algorithm evaluates and then applies rules of thumb used by investors to manage portfolios and calculate stock indexes. The question is, can you do better? Results are reported weekly.


Try Before You Buy

Receive all four of the Electronic Professor’s publications weekly, with no risk whatsoever.*

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try it and see! Each of these 4 publications come out once a week, and the first week is free!

The First Week is on us!

After approximately 1 year, you will have covered everything in the Mastery of Finance Exam, which is scheduled for release in Q3 of 2015.

*You can opt out at any time, no questions asked. Billing stops immediately thereafter. Your email privacy is fiercely protected by Aweber.
** Yesterday’s results shown. The Watch List Report and Portfolio Report contain the findings of research, and should not be construed as advice.