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Timely and Professional

Stay up-to-date on the people and publications that are providing relevant, timely information.

Top Online Authors

Each week, we survey which online authors address specific topics in finance, and score them – so you can find out who the online experts are when it comes to specific areas of knowledge.

Leading Academic Research

We currently monitor over 80 academic journals for the latest peer-reviewed research on matters pertaining to investing. Each week, Focus on Investing delivers links to the most relevant articles published in those journals.

Weekly Reading for Reducing Risk

Focus on Investing is delivered each Monday, directly to your inbox, before the markets open.

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Relevant and Contextual

Currently relevant concepts that investors must grasp in order to make informed decisions.

Key Investment Concepts

Every edition focuses on a key concept that relates to stock market investment decisions. Plus, it provides a list of the top 5 most closely related concepts in order to help you put it into context. When you understand the context, you can use knowledge more rationally and effectively.

All key concepts are linked to Wikipedia so that you can learn them in as much depth as you like, review them whenever you like, and compare how researchers, financial bloggers and journalists use them. Concept-clarity is crucial.

Optional Expert Certification

Over the course of 1 year (52 editions), Focus on Investing covers all of the required reading for the Mastery of Finance exam.*


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* The Certified Expert in Finance Exam covers a complete range of topics which are essential to intelligent investment decision-making.