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Registering entitles you to display badges and awards of professional credibility on your website, which are linked directly to your profile page.

A high score in the Top 10 Challenge indicates that you have both knowledge and influence.

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Who are the leading authors on specific topics related to finance and investing? Registered Authors intermittently (as data becomes available) receive the Experts Report on financial authors in specific areas of expertise.

You will receive 1-2 emails per month. A sample of the areas of expertise covered in them can be found on the Morning Market Context page.


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Well written relevant articles reach our subscribers through our social media accounts, and may also appear in the Bulls and Bears Review.

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Register authors are invited to challenge the Master of Finance exam. It measures your level of expertise when it comes to financial knowledge.

Registered authors receive a snippet of HTML for their websites which displays the status of their registrations, expert certifications or awards.*

Until you get certified, your badge lets readers know that you are a Registered Financial Author. Awards are automatically displayed. They include Certified Expert and Top Author in Finance.

Registration comes with entry in the monthly
Top 10 Challenge for online authors in finance.


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