Top 10 Challenge for Authors in Finance

Top 10 Challenge for Authors in Finance

Professional Credibility and Recognition

Displaying one of these badges on your website lets readers know you are both knowledgeable and influential (3 sizes available). Simply register to get yours!

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Registered Authors are able to display these badges on their websites. Simply complete the steps in the registration process to set up your profile page. Then if you challenge the optional Certified Experts Exam and score well, your badge will be automatically upgraded to Certified Financial Expert.

Build Your Readership

What are the niche topics that bring readers back, over and over again? Registration includes a free subscription to the Experts Report, which keeps you informed about the specializations of your most successful competitors.

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On the first day of each month, a new Top 10 List is published. Authors are scored for their knowledge of stock market investing, as well as for the amount of traffic they get. Fully Registered Authors tend to score better because we can gather more accurate measurements of their expertise and website traffic.

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About the Badges

Readers Trust Them

Research has shown that readers have higher levels of trust when badges and awards are displayed. Our are especially credible.

They Link to Your Profile

When a user clicks on the badge, it takes them to your profile page in the Algorithm Investing Professional Directory.

They Boost Your Score

To benefit from displaying a badge on your website, simply follow the instructions provided in the registration email.

Badges are Optional

Even though they are one of the most reliable ways to raise your score, adding the code snippet to display them on your website is not required.

Badges are Hit Counters

We count the number of visitors per day, for a realistic measure of your actual traffic. Displaying your badge enables us to do this accurately.

Four Sizes Available

Badges come in 4 sizes: a transparent dot, 340×96, 300×85, and 200×57. Sizes can be adjusted to fit the design of your website.

They Have a Shelf Life

Certified Expert badges last for one year from the time you pass the certification exam. Top 10 Badges are for current Top 10 Authors only.

They Update Automatically

When your score is one of the Top 10, the Top 10 Award is displayed. Certified Expert badges are displayed based on exam results.

The Top 10 Financial Bloggers and Journalists listed below were scored based on a simple formula: Knowledge x Traffic = Influence.