Algorithm Investing

Introduction to Cryptocurrency Trading


Imagine you have a buddy who trades cryptocurrency. Over the last year, he's made gains of 27.9% but lately, he's been bragging about his profits.

Both players start with portfolios worth the same amount on the same day.
Your objective is to beat him.


This game teaches the 4 basic trading decisions and one essential financial skill using real market events.*

The role of your buddy is played by our trading algorithm. All his trades can be found in this ledger, which shows our algorithm's actual performance.

Choose your level:


Every time your buddy makes a trade, he sends you a text message. Then you get to make a decision about your portfolio and his choice of cryptocurrency.

Portfolios can contain both dollars and cryptocurrencies. Depending on what you have, you can buy, sell, or hold.


The game ends today and the largest portfolio wins. This morning's prices are used to determine the winner. In the rare event of a tie, it goes to your buddy.

Players who outperform buddy receive an invitation to play the advanced game in real-time with our patrons.

* Market data provided by